Weblog of the March/April 2011 Petra excavation campaigns


In spring 2011 a team of the German news paper „Der Spiegel“, lead by author Markus Becker, visited Petra in order to collect information about the activities of the Humboldt University for a multimedia special presented on their online newspaper „Spiegel Online“. The copyright of the video footage below is with „Spiegel Online“ (2011).

Stephan Schmid explains the area of Petra with a focus on palatial residences.
Stephan Schmid explains the Nabataean bathing installations on Umm el-Biyara.
Stephan Schmid explains the Nabataean water collecting system on Umm el-Biyara.
Stephan Schmid explains the structures of the Wadi Farasa main complex.
Stephan Schmid explains the water conditioning system in the Wadi Farasa.
Bernhard Kolb from Basel university takes a tour through the huge Nabataean mansion on the outcrop of ez Zantur.
Laurent Gorgerat from the Antikenmuseum Basel shows new evidence concerning early Nabataean funerary architecture at the so-called „Aslah Triclinium“.
Lucy Wadeson from Oxford University shows and explains the results of her current excavations in the area of the Khubta tombs.