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As the Illustrated London News takes full advantage of the SQLite FTS4, you can use all kind of search options ("wadi mataha", +tomb +khubta, +tomb -khubta, wadi OR farasa, author:schmid title:pottery, author:+schmid title:-pottery, report NEAR/5 international, report NEAR/10 "umm biyara") and truncations (nabat*, wa* far*, "wa* far*", fa* OR mat*, ^prelimin*). The areas you can search with prefixes are: id, author, title, issue, pages, keywords, and date.

Illustrated London News

The Illustrated London News appeared first on Saturday 14 May 1842, as the world’s first illustrated weekly news magazine. Founded by Herbert Ingram, it appeared weekly until 1971, then less frequently thereafter, and ceased publication in 2003. The company continues today as Illustrated London News Ltd, a publishing, content, and digital agency in London, which holds the publication and business archives of the magazine.

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