AUAC outline

About the AUAC

The Association for the Understanding of Ancient Cultures (AUAC) was founded in January 2000 at Basel (Switzerland) and is legally registered in the Register of Commerce at Basel.

AUAC is a purely non-profit institution whit the primary aim to support and encourage projects focusing on archaeological research and exploration mainly in the Mediterranean area. AUAC is especially trying to support small but efficient projects guaranteeing an original and scientific approach to specific questions and problems about Mediterranean archaeology.

If you want to support AUAC and, therefore, help international research projects to realize their goals, please use our Swiss post account (40-247167-3) or contact us via e-mail address

About the AUAC website

AUAC fully supports open source and open standards, therefore the use of open source browsers like Firefox, Chromium or Opera is highly recommanded. These browsers all support (most of) the internet design standards of HTML and CSS issued by the World Wide Web Consortium. For rendering text Google’s „Noto“ font is used, at it is easily legible and has a wide Unicode support.

The AUAC website has been designed mainly for mobile devices and uses media queries to select the adequate page layout for your device. Nevertheless, there might appear some design flaws, as sometimes mobile browsers are interpreting the above mentioned design standards in slightly different ways. The AUAC website uses just HTML and CSS to display its content. Only for the Google Maps the use of Javascript is inevitable.

Reading and navigating within the AUAC website aims to be intuitive and user-friendly. A click on the title brings you to the entry page of the section you are currently in. A click on the AUAC symbol on the top left corner brings you back to the main page. A click on the menu symbol on the top right corner slides out the menu. And on the bottom of every page there are arrows, which point to the direction(s) you can navigate.