The International Ez Zantur Project

Preliminary Report on the 2000 Swiss-Liechtenstein excavations at ez Zantur

by Bernhard Kolb and Daniel Keller

I. Introduction

During the 10 weeks between August 14 and October 25, 2000, Basel University held their 11th excavation campaign under the patronage of the SLFA on ez Zantur in Petra. The field team in 2000 included Daniel Keller (field assistant), André Barmasse, Consuelo Keller, Laurent Gorgerat, Matthias Grawehr and Annegret Naef as well as the architect Anne-Catherine Escher. The small finds were photographed by Othmar Jäggi. Christiane Jacquat and Olivier Mermod of the ETH Zurich took care of the archaeobotanic samples, and Jacqueline Studer of the Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Genève analyzed the faunal remains found during the campaign. Markus Peter of the Römermuseum Augst identified the coins restored by Christine Pugin.

Many thanks are due to Dr. Fawwaz al-Khraysheh, Director General of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan and to the Vice Directors Dr. Fawzi Zayadine and Faisal Qudah for providing logistical support. It was a privilege to collaborate again with Suleiman Farajat – the Inspector of the Petra National Park – as the representative of the DoA . We would also like to extend our thanks to the Jordanian Embassy in Berne and the Swiss Embassy in Amman for their help in administrative matters. The necessary funds were provided by the SLFA (Zurich), Kanton Basel-Stadt, Basel University, Max Geldner Foundation (Basel), and Novartis International (Basel).