International Wadi Farasa Project

Preliminary Report on the 2001 Season

by Stephan G. Schmid

V. Perspectives

The results of this years campaign of the IWFP showed that the installations of the lower and upper terrace of the Wadi Farasa East belong indeed to a multifunctional complex, sometimes in astonishingly good condition. The monumental walls, the luxurious dwellings, including two storied living areas with covered cisterns, remains of heated bath installations etc. clearly point to a wealthy member of the Nabataean aristocracy as owner of the complex. For a coming season the complete cleaning of the „Garden Triclinium“, that is the remaining two rock cut rooms, as well as a continuation of the excavation on the lower terrace, including further restoration work, would seem recommendable tasks. On the lower terrace, the area where according to the finds of the 2001 season a bathing installation can be supposed would be a primary goal for further investigations.