The International Wadi Farasa Project

Preliminary Report on the 2002 Season

by Stephan G. Schmid

V. Perspectives

While the first two years of the IWFP’s field seasons, i. e. 2000 and 2001, were used in order to carry out some small soundings with the goal to understand the organisation of the ancient installations, starting with the 2002 field season we proceeded to a next phase. Systematic cleaning of the lower terrace started from the north, that is from the main retaining wall (figs. 1. 2). Therefore in some years from now, the lower terrace will be completely cleared from the dumped sand. This will allow a much better control of the water being carried on by the flash floods in winter and therefore also a much better prevention against erosion of the rock cut monuments.

On the upper terrace we still have to clean the second room of the „Garden Triclinium“, so that this monument will be completely cleared from the remains of its former use as a stable.