This year’s survey season on Umm el-Biyara started with rather good weather conditions. This video gives some impressions of the plateau and its surroundings.
The survey was carefully planned and discussed. As you can see in this video not only the dimensions of the area but also its character was quite a challenge.
Archaeology today benefits from many nice technological inventions. One of them is the so-called „Global Positioning System“ (GPS), which enables an accurate anchoring of ancient remains on the world map, but is not very easy to handle.
Interresting areas or remains on Umm el-Biayra were examinded closer by cleaning the surface and taking more GPS points than in rather empty areas.
In spring time heavy rainfalls happen quite often. On the slanty plateau of Umm el-Biyara water is collected in the many channels and brought towards the cistern, today as it was in ancient times.
At the camping site in front of the cave the team gathered to discuss the results of the survey, to take a fine cup of tea, to eat a delicious meal, or simply to take a short nap.
Sand-proof equipement is elementary at an archaeological site like Petra. Even better, if the stuff is water- and fire-proof too.
One of the most beautiful experiences was staying over night on top of Umm el-Biayara, watching the sunset, eating lunch with the tent partner, and listen to musical performances of all kind.
Besides Umm el-Biyara there was also work going on at the site of the Aslah complex near the entrance of the Siq. There too the team had some struggles with modern technology.
Electricity at Nazzal’s camp is produced by an old diesel generator. It is almost a miracle, how this piece of junk works every year without grumbling.